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Bimaterial parts producing

We dispose of the most advanced machines for bi-injection of more than one component in an only process, intended to the production of bimaterial parts focused on automotive, gardening and bricolage business, among others.

Injection powered by gas moulding

The Powered by Gas injection is a variant of conventional injection process which allows to obtain diferent thickness designs without scratches nor sink marks , the making of hollow parts (which implies a saving, of material) and, due to the pressure evenly applied by gas on the part, the achievement of an extra compact part.

Overmoulding on plastic and metal parts

Apart from conventional injection of every kind of thermoplastics, we dispose of other techniques such as overmoulding on metal and plastic cores , which enable us producing hybrid components. Offering so a wide range of solutions for new projects and designs.

Aesthetic parts injection

Aesthetic parts injection for later outer treatments such as chrome and paint coating.

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